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Village Ticket 2023 from 5th May

Chennai, May 1, 2023: Village Ticket, the city’s biggest live village festival - A Thiruvizha by Brand Avatar will be held from 5th May to 7th May 2023 at the Sathyabama University Grounds, OMR, Chennai. The fourth edition of Village Ticket will bring to life the culture, various art forms, cuisine, and emotions of rural Tamil Nadu. This year’s edition will be branded as Sakthi Masala’s Village Ticket as the organizers have roped in Tamil Nadu’s own masala brand as the title sponsor.
Village Ticket aims to revive the healthy food culture, forgotten games, old village houses, potti-kadai, panchayat setup, maiya medai, and other entertaining factors that come with village life. Village Ticket is a unique opportunity to enjoy and experience Tamil Nadu’s village life, art, and culture in the city.
Mr. Hemachandran, CEO of Brand Avatar said, “We were delighted by the amazing response we got for the previous editions of Village Ticket, where more than 60,000 people visited the event. It is an instant hit with the people in Chennai, and we are delighted to bring this event once again to people in the city. We are equipping the 4th edition with a larger-than-life setup with all-around entertainment options. There is something to experience and enjoy for people across age groups I hope everyone will come out this summer holidays to enjoy a great village experience in the city”. 
Highlights of Village Ticket 2023 Include:
⮚     Kalai Arangam (Ground of arts) - An Inter-college cultural competition in folk dance, folk song, freestyle dance, mimicry, and cultural pattimandram.
⮚     Parambariya Food (Traditional Food) with over 33 Food stalls
⮚     Uzhavu Experience
⮚     Pattimandram by Rajmohan and Team on 5th May 2023
⮚     Karagattam vs Mayilattam with Nadhaswaram & Thavil on 5th May 2023
⮚     MD Music Band performance & performance by differently-abled drummer 6th May 2023
⮚     Performance by RK Adithya & DJ Gowtham on 7th May 2023
Village Ticket brings together the cultural and traditional essence of Tamil Nadu, in a first-ever village-themed setup to Chennai. Village Ticket 2023 is the 4th edition of this Thiruvizha by Brand Avatar. The past three editions were crowd favorites, with many families, youngsters and elders coming en masse boasting over 60,000 footfalls. Village Ticket is an initiative by Brand Avatar to honor the three pillars of Village Life who help preserve our great tradition and culture, fighting the onslaught of so-called modernity - the farmers, who have created a positive impact through traditional farming methods; the artists and artisans, who have retained the traditional art form of their village and the Traditional Village Cooks, who have preserved the spice mixes and authentic taste of village food
Entry Ticket:
1.     Entry ticket is priced at Rs. 200 + GST & Payment gateway charges 
2.     Entry is free for children up to 8 years of age. 
1.     Kalai Arangam - 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
2.     Food - 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
3.     Cultural art forms, games, and all other experiences and activities - 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
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